Extract Images from a Google Doc and Save to Drive Folder

Extract Images from a Google Doc and Save to Drive Folder

Recently, I needed to export all the images from a Google Doc and upload them to another service. Seems like a simple job, right? You would think... but not so much.

Google Docs blocks the standard right-click context menu and replaces it with a custom menu, so there's no right-click > save image as option.

There is an option to Save to Keep, and once saved, then you can right-click and save image as. But I had over 20 images to export, so I wanted to find a way to scrape the images all at once.

Realistically, it would have taken only 5-10 minutes of work. But that time would have felt like an eternity. Clicking in circles like a mindless robot.

No, I don't have time for such mindless tasks. I'd much rather spend 1.5 hours writing a script to do this one task that I'll probably never have to do again. But if I do, I'll have a script for it!

This function takes the source Doc, loops through all images, and saves them to a Drive folder.

You can specify a destination folder ID, or leave the second parameter blank and it will create a new images folder in the same folder as the source Doc (naming the images after the source doc + #).

function getDocImages(sourceId, destinationId) {
  const sourceName = DriveApp.getFileById(sourceId).getName();
  const allImages  = DocumentApp.openById(sourceId).getBody().getImages();

    const parentId = DriveApp.getFileById(sourceId).getParents().next().getId();
    destinationId  = DriveApp.getFolderById(parentId).createFolder('images').getId()

  const saveTo = DriveApp.getFolderById(destinationId) ;

  allImages.forEach( (i, idx) => saveTo.createFile(i.getAs('image/png').setName( `${sourceName}_${idx + 1}` )) )


I'll probably never need to do this again, but if anyone else does, I hope this helps.